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Full tea leaves rolled into small gunpowder-like pellets. An excellent tea for first-time green tea drinkers. Mellow, earthy, not too vegetal. This is Pinhead grade.

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 scant tsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Let boiling water cool slightly before pouring over leaves.
Steep 2 mins.
Can be re-infused.
Milk not recommended.

Tea Education

Tea names from China often describe their appearance. Gunpowder gets its name because the tea resembles gunpowder pellets. The roll is achieved through expert manipulation of the leaves in a rocking motion to achieve the required level of roll. The tighter the roll, the better the grade. Ours is a Pinhead grade and describes a finished product with some tightly rolled leaf and some more open. Gunpowder is a good tea for Green tea novices. It has a mellowness and slight undernote of pleasant toastiness. It lacks the vegetal astringency of other Green teas such as Sencha. Gunpowder Green tea is a great value for the money as numerous infusions are possible from a scant teaspoon of leaf.