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Makaibari Long Leaf Green

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This is your perfect daily green. Certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade, our Makaibari Green is specially manufactured for us.  It is mellow, floral with no vegetal notes with all the healthful benefits of a Green Tea.  An elegant long-leaf in style, able to withstand multiple infusions. A bestseller. This particular lot is light in the cup so be generous with the leaf.  The leaf is unsorted and variegated in appearance.

Also check out Makaibari Green in a regular, short leaf version - attractively priced with a similar profile - floral without grassy notes.

Fair Trade

Customer Reviews

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Swami M.
Perfect morning steep

This is my early morning tea—love it. I make a 2-cup pot. The first cup is gentle, delightful green, not at all bitter (4–5 minute steep). The second cup is stronger of course, and a little bitter—but then I add a teaspoon of turbinado sugar—and it becomes absolute nectar!

Hint: because the leaves are so long, it's a bit difficult to get a consistent measure for this tea, just using a spoon. Sometimes it was becoming too strong. I picked up an electronic gram scale, which solved the problem—5.5 grams for my 2-cup morning pot.

Quite right - the longer-leaved styles don't confirm to typical teaspoon measurements. An electronic scale works well and after a while you can even correctly estimate the amount per cup with your fingers! Glad you are enjoying this tea - one of our favorites. Mellow, fragrant, not vegetal - an easy Green to enjoy. And you can re-infuse several times.

Anita L.
Great Green Tea

My husband and I just love this green tea. We used to get it when we ate lunch at the Silver Tips Tea Room in Tarrytown. It never has a bitter after taste like some of the Japan teas. It is very pleasant.

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 Tbsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Allow boiling water to cool slightly, then pour over leaves.
Steep 2 mins. May be re-infused.

Tea Education

Although Darjeeling is known predominantly for its fragrant and floral black teas, it also manufactures Green teas. Makaibari was the pioneer of both Darjeeling Greens as well as the long-leaf style of this tea. Green teas can sometimes be grassy or smokey. The Makaibari greens have no vegetal notes but only a pleasing, lasting mild floral note, making it ideal for the new Green tea drinker. It is one of our bestsellers and it is an easy cup to enjoy all day long. Multiple infusions are encouraged. Steep each subsequent infusion an additional 20 seconds. Best enjoyed without milk or sugar and as it cools.