Tea Tasting Comments

Yesterday's Tea Tasting was a fun event - a small group of people, quite intense about tea! Here are comments from the session:

What did you like most about this session?
- Choice of teas, welcoming environment.
- Learned a lot about tea in a short period of time.
- Personal touch; presentation; choice of teas.
- All the information provided and the staff - they were great.
- I liked amount of information, teas & sandwiches; in other words, I liked it all!
- I found this an eye opener to tea.

For the past 4 sessions, we've asked whether an open-house event where customers can walk around, taste various teas without a formal presentation and question/answer period would be preferred. The answer is a resounding NO. I'm going to be teaching a class on How to Conduct a Successful Tea Tasting at the World Tea Expo on May 31, at Las Vegas and this feedback will be very helpful there.

Surprise of the evening:
Caffeine reduction tip - Steep for 30 seconds, discard and re-steep.

Winner of the evening:
Silver Needle Jasmine, hands down.

Thanks to our customers for attending and our crew for making it successful.