5 Tips for a Great Cup of Tea

Today, one of our regular customers told me at the tearoom how her tea at home never turns out the way we make it at the Tea Room. I repeated my refrain - we don't have any secrets and we make it exactly as it's written on each of our tea labels. So here are our tips - follow these guidelines and you WILL steep the perfect cup every time.

1. Use the right quantity of leaf. Too much green leaf can make a bitter cup. Too little of an Assam may make it weak.
2. Watch the water temperature - boiling for black, not boiling for green.
3. Measure the time you steep - 3 minutes for a Darjeeling, 4 minutes for a robust black, 2 minutes for a green....
4. Use a good quality leaf.
5. Bring fresh water to boil - don't microwave the water.
That's it. Those are our secrets. Make them yours.

Photo by Matt Monroe.