Technology, aargh!

We used to have an old-fashioned cash register until a couple of years ago.  Then we moved over to an electronic one which requires a technician to help us through even the simplest changes (which we didn't know in advance of course).  Regardless, all was well until a few weeks ago when it started to slow down and act up.  We called in a repairman yesterday who promptly opened up the machine, diagnosed the problem and couldn't put it back together again!  Apparently, one of those situations where you don't know until you open it up and when you open it up, you can't close it again and make it work.  Come on!  It was now 10.30 am and we open at 11 am.  Back to my house I go, find our old trusted machine, run it back to the store and we make it work, albeit with a faint ribbon.  This is until the repairman returns with a loaner machine.  So for the next few days, bear with us while we run up loose leaf sales the old-fashioned using a calculator.  2 oz. x $1.75 = $3.50!  Everything else is programmed in the machine but we're not about to program 170 tea prices into a loaner register.  Now let's hope when our own register is returned, it still retains all our prices.