We have new Tea Names!

Here are the winners for our Tea Naming Contest:

  • Orange you Glad it's Chocolate (Black with Chocolate & Orange)
  • Mint Chip (Black with Chocolate and Mint)
  • Sencha Tropic (Green with Mango & Coconut)
We love these names.  Maria and Christopher, two of our regular customers, get bragging rights as well as FREE tea and we will notify each individually.  Sencha Tropic was provided by Martha in our Office.  Since she can get free tea any day of the week, we are giving her free tea to our 2nd choice winner, Kristine, for Coco Tango. We had great fun analyzing all the names - here's a sampling below of the many names we got to choose from.  Thanks for helping us choose - the winning names were all better than any we were able to come up with ourselves.
Black with Chocolate & Mint:  Choco-mint, Chocolate Mint Bliss, After Eight, Decadent Mint, Menta Magic, Chocolate Breeze, Magical Mint, Sweet Breathe, Malala's Mint, Chocolate Ice. Black with Chocolate & Orange:  Chocolate grove, Cocoa Citrus, Orange Coco Fusion, Choc a l'orange, Sevilla, Citrus decadence, Divine citrus, Chocolate sunshine, Coco Loco Citrus. Mango Coconut Sencha:  Jungle Green, Island Green, Island East, Tropic Zen, Ma Muang, Island Blossom, Tropical Joy, Chocolate Mango Tango.
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