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Jungpana Silver Tips

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We are proud to bring you Organic Darjeeling Silver Tips from Jungpana Tea Estate.  Produced under the careful guidance of Rajah Banerjee, our tea mentor, of Makaibari fame, this tea was crafted exclusively for us.  It's elegant in appearance and refreshing in taste.  The wiry, silvery needle-like leaves are interspersed with a few darker strands and the cup has a lingering taste of orchids.  Experience the natural sweetness as it cools.  

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Steeping Instructions


1 Tablespoon of leaf per 8 oz. cup. (2.2 grams per 8 oz.)
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 3 minutes.  Multiple infusions encouraged.

Tea Education

Jungpana is an Organic Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India.  Under the guidance of Rajah Banerjee, our tea mentor, scion of the illustrious Makaibari family, Jungpana has produced a small reserve batch of elegant, wiry, needle-like extraordinary Silver Tips for us.  The tea is elegant and refreshing.  Be generous with the leaf and allow it to steep a sufficient length of time to extract the full flavor.  
The name Jungpana is filled with folklore:  A British planter was mauled by a leopard whilst planting the first saplings in 1898.  His trusted ranger, Jung Bahadur Rai, fought the leopard away.  Wounded, the British planter whispered for water or “pana”.  The legend of Jungpana was thus born - in honor of the brave Gorkha who heroically wrested his master from the jaws of a ferocious carnivore.