Love is in the air...

Not For Lovers Only! This has been our refrain since we opened. Why should Valentine's Day be just for lovers?! So, to spread joy and love all around, we've expanded it to include those who feel it in the air everywhere.

After many years, Valentine's Day this year is on a Saturday. When this 1-day holiday falls on a weekday, we do very little - perhaps offer St. Valentine's tea as a special and that's it. A few hearts and a little red thrown around. But when it's on a Saturday and we can expect a good crowd, it's fun to splurge. And so we are. With chocolate on the menu, 4 teas specially selected to add ambience and some roses for good measure.

Our four teas for the occasion are:
St. Valentine's - black tea with raspberries, strawberries, rose, vanilla and a secret lover's potion;
Prelude to Bliss - a decadent blend of black tea with fruit and chocolate;
Passion Berry - a blend of black tea with passionfruit and berries - not too sweet, not too tart!
Chocolate Chai - black tea with spices and chocolate - creamy and delicious.

The picture shows St. Valentine's in the bamboo scoop, Chocolate Chai in the red canister, Passion Berry in the foreground with the yellow marigold flowers and Prelude to Bliss with the chocolate pieces. Come in and indulge. All the teas are also on sale during February. Love is in the air.
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