Makaibari Served Over Ice

Several years ago, Prince Charles served Makaibari Silver Tips Iced at a prestigious function. We were fortunate enough to have been sent one of the programmes as a souvenir. Closer to home, the World Tea Expo in early May in Las Vegas is hosting several Tea Contests. Last week, one of my good friends and journalists, Lindsey Goodwin, informed us that she submitted a Tea Cocktail recipe to one of these competitions and Makaibari is in one of the recipes. It's called Las Vegas Iced Tea. We were tickled pink! Here's the link to vote:

Have fun and vote! And here's Lindsey's recipe:
Las Vegas Iced Tea
Tea Used: Makaibari Darjeeling Second Flush
A sophisticated variation on Long Island Iced Tea -- second flush Darjeeling meets honeyed bourbon, pomegranate liqueur and vanilla vodka for a smooth, balanced sweet-tannic taste with a hint of pomegranate tartness in the finish.
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