Answers to Quiz

j0439513 I hope all of you played along!  And now, here are the answers, as promised:  
  1. How long should you wash your hands? - 10 - 15 seconds, preferably in hot water, about 100 degrees F.
  2. You should store food in this order in the refrigerator, from top to bottom - Lettuce, Fish and large cuts of meat, Ground meat, Raw Poultry.  Foods requiring the highest internal cooking temperature go at the bottom.
  3. Ground beef should be cooked to 155 degrees F by national standards.  New York is a bit higher.
  4. Chicken should be cooked to 165 degrees F and this should be scrupulously followed since poultry carries many risks if undercooked.
  5. A hand sanitizer is not an acceptable substitute in food preparation.  It is recommended as a quick substitute during the day, particularly after being in crowds, public transportation, shopping.  In food prep, hand-washing is essential.  A sanitizer may be used but only after hands are washed.  Sanitizers should be allowed to air-dry before handling food.