My famous dog

silver new coatIn response to the many requests yesterday because of the question I included in the Ten Questions game - "What is the name of Anupa's dog?  Hint:  He's a grey Toy Poodle", here's the little one for all to see.  He is SILVER and many a time he has been stopped with the question - Do you know there's a store named after you?  But honestly, that's not so.  I adopted Silver in 1998 when he was 4.5 years old and the Tea Room did not open till November 1999.  In his first year, he was a show dog and won Best in Variety.  His original family was going through a hard time and had to part with 23 poodles, some of them champions, and I was lucky enough to get Silver.  His name then was Streaker and I had been advised that the first thing I should do when adopting a dog is change his name.  Without too much time to think, I quickly renamed him Silver for his beautiful grey coat and it stuck.  Silver will be 16 this December and although he doesn't hear too well and his left eye has a cataract, he is still as sprightly as ever, has a hearty appetite and is a happy little dog.
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