Organic Ti Kwan Yin Oolong

It's as if we've been waiting for this tea forever.  Take my word for it - it is stunning.  The only organic Oolong out of China up till now was a smoky, long, classic dragon leaf style Wu Yi Oolong.  Which I've loved by the way.  Very smoky, a short steep preceded by a technique called 'washing' - and the result was a great cup.  But not everyone loves a smoky undertone and our customers were ready for more depth in this category.  Until now, none was available at a price anyone could afford.   This is a fresh, shiny, shimmery, lightly oxidized green Oolong - a Ti Kwan Yin in name but in our view, a Formosa Jade Oolong masquerading as a mainland tea!  It is fragrant and fresh and we plan to have it in the store next week and it is online now!  Over time, we will phase out the conventional one and only carry the Organic.  It was worth the wait.  Ask for it - you will not regret it.
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