Appreciation for Silver Tips

One of the joys of having had a Tea Room for over 10 years is knowing your customers and their regular habits.  How one couple comes twice a week and orders Nilgiri Frost.  How another comes every Tuesday and orders the St. Kitts wrap.  One couple always starts with Samosas and then splits a sandwich.  Another asks for their Assam to be decaffeinated.  Alice always has Zingy Tang iced and Kirsten loves her Spring Jasmine.  Our good friend Chris likes a lot of Splenda in her iced tea.  Our kind patrons, the Costas and the Salvos (having started their friendship at Silver Tips) typically visit once a week and they sent us these words of high praise yesterday:
Usually we are there on Sundays so today was a surprise visit.   As you know, your dream team was there...and just made everything so pleasant!  The four of us thank our lucky stars for Silver Tips.  You may recall that I once...spoke of a silver cord there formed by association, by friendship, and by happy times.  It is as true as ever.  Thanks.  Joe.
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