Lunch Break

Two young women were at our Tea Room yesterday and they ordered the full Afternoon Tea service.  They were enjoying themselves thoroughly when they noticed the time.   They asked for the rest of their meal to be packed to go since they were on their Lunch Break, they said and had to get back or they would be late.  Today, one of the young women was back and this time with another friend.  Once again, they ordered the Afternoon Tea and once again, the routine repeated itself with them having to rush back to work.  Christina, our server, asked where they worked and they said Elmsford, for Mack-Cali.  Wait a minute, said Christina - Mack Cali?  That's where our wholesale office and warehouse is.  She asked if they knew Eco-Prima Tea.  They said Yes - we're in the building right next to them!  Christina explained that Silver Tips is the retail arm of Eco-Prima Tea.  What a small world.  Keep this up, Mack-Cali, and we may consider an employee discount for lunch!