It's Spring Cleaning Time!

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

Longer days, more light – that means it’s time to brush away those cobwebs, de-clutter and clean up.  Not only is this daunting, we put it off as much as we can.  De-cluttering is overwhelming and where does one start.  While you’re thinking about Spring Cleaning and tidying up, we don’t want you to overlook your Tea Cupboard.  You know that space – the one drawer where you’ve been tucking away all those bags of tea, that shelf where canisters stand without thought or order?  Yes, that space. Time to put order to it. Let’s get started.

It's Spring Cleaning Time

Step One

Take stock of the Teas you have.  Pull them all out and place them on a counter so you can see them all.

Step Two

Organize them.  For example, by Type - put all the Breakfast type teas together, all the Greens, all the Flavored, all the Herbals etc.  Or if it feels easier for you, by Origin.  Sort them by teas from India, China, Japan and so on. Or perhaps by taste – Bold, Strong, Mild, Fruity.  Or the time of day if that is how you enjoy your Teas – Morning, Afternoon, Evening.

Step Three

Figure out what to keep and what to toss.  Follow some simple rules of thumb.  Here’s how to store tea properly:

  • If it’s a flavored tea and over a year old, don’t think twice, just toss it out. Flavors lose their full potency after a year, so remember to buy them in the quantities that you can easily consume over 3 – 6 months.
  • If you cannot identify something – it’s time to part with it.
  • For straight teas (Varietals) such as Darjeeling or Assams or Breakfast teas, toss them if they’re over 2 years old or if they’ve been stored badly. If they have been stored in an air-tight container away from light, air or moisture, you can still enjoy them.  If not, let them go.
  • Check your Herbal blends and Fruit Tisanes carefully. These are botanicals and do not have the staying power of real Tea (Black, Green, Oolong, White).  There is every likelihood that they may have deteriorated, perhaps even spoiled or become pest-infested.  Herbals need to be handled with much more care than Tea, bought in small quantities and stored in a dry, cool place and perhaps, even refrigerated. 
  • No light, No air, No moisture: These are the basic rules for proper storage of Tea.  Reputable tea vendors will supply tea to you in insulated bags or canisters.  As long as you maintain these rules, the original containers will hold your tea for a long time. If you receive tea in see-through poly bags or thinly insulated brown paper bags, transfer them to a canister or better-insulated container.
  • Remember to store your Teas away from strong-smelling foods or items. You don’t want your cup of tea to taste of onions or garlic or strong-smelling herbs or food.

Step Four

Now that you’ve got your Teas in order, why stop there.  Work on the rest of your house or office.  Our good friend, Marcia Sloman of Under Control Organizing recently published an excellent article on why people hold on to stuff and it is illuminating! And if you are in need of more organizing, contact Marcia at and clear up your mind and life.

For an effective book on how to stop procrastinating, we recommend, "Eat That Frog!" by Brian Tracy. Now that you have all the tools you need, come on, spring into action! 

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