January is Hot Tea Month - Pour a Cup!

January is Hot Tea Month - Pour a Cup!

January – a time for new beginnings, a fresh healthy start – perfect for National Hot Tea Month. It’s cold outside and a hot cup of tea can warm up your resolve and your body.  Here are some ways you can celebrate the versatility of Tea:

Make this the year you pause and take a moment to steep loose leaf tea.  Discard that teabag once and for all and enjoy the wide diversity and world of Tea.  The purposeful act of heating the water, measuring out the tea leaves, pouring the water over the leaves and waiting the few minutes for that perfect steep is a respite in the day. Be in the moment, focus on the simplicity of the task and then get back to your day. For more on the benefits of Loose Leaf Tea vs. Teabags, read here.

Choose Tea this year for that special celebration in lieu of flowers, wine or chocolate.  Make Tea part of someone else’s life.  Add a simple infuser basket or teapot and give the gift of life and health this year. Share in other simple ways by having a Tea Party, sending a Tea Gift Certificate or just serving your favorite Tea. How about starting a Tea Club?  A favorite gift is our Tea-of-the-Month option, rated one of the 10 best in the country. 

Sure you drink it every day but have you thought of taking a class?  Perhaps reading a book about it or even starting your own Tea Tasting Notebook?  Make it fun by visiting a Tea Room or a Tasting at your favorite local tea shop. Learn about the various types and grades. Here’s our simple guide to choosing a Tea.

Earl Grey Cookies
and Matcha Lattes are delicious.  Other less-known uses are poaching and stewing with Tea.  We provide various recipes throughout the year. Try ours or come up with your own. 

NEW YEAR, NEW TEAS. Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal– try something new.  Explore the countries of origin – India, China, Japan, and Sri Lanka.  We have several on Sale each month – use it to experiment and widen your taste profile.  Try one of our quick and easy Sampler Packs and order something new whenever you get a chance. 

Make this a month to remember.  Tea – it’s not just a great-tasting beverage but full of good things for you – antioxidants, stress-relievers, catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids, stroke-reducing properties, cardio-vascular properties, even fluoride.  Start a year of good health with Hot Tea!

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