Tea leaves as compost

As the Tea Room was closing yesterday, a man rushed in asking, "Do you have my tea leaves"?  I happened to be there and wondered what was going on.  Here's the back story.  Apparently, for the past month or so, this gentleman, Dominic, has been coming in fairly regularly and taking our infused tea leaves for his garden.  In his quest to plant a healthy garden, he read that natural compost was a must.  He remembered that Starbucks often put out coffee grounds outside their cafés for anyone to pick up and not being near a Starbucks but what he called "the best tea shop in the country", he figured why not ask.  He recalled that his mother drank tea and always used tea leaves as mulch so here he is continuing that grand tradition.  Dominic is himself a tea drinker and when I asked him what he was currently enjoying, he said Irish Breakfast, Spring Jasmine and Makaibari Green.  Helping him with his pick-ups, sometimes accompanying him and sometimes on his behalf, are his two daughters, 5 and 16 years old.
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