Kindness Matters

This is what makes the world go around.  Upon hearing that one of our customers was ailing, Jacque sent a scone with clotted cream and preserves to her through her husband.  Here is her note of thanks to Jacque:
Thank you so much for the scone, jam and clotted cream you sent home with my husband, Jim last Saturday.  Your thoughtulness brought tears to my eyes.  It continues to amaze me how much support I've received during my recovery from my knee surgery and it warms my heart.  I saved the scone for Monday morning to eat before I went to physical therapy to give me strength.  I knew I'd need it!  I even shared some with Jim, who's been my buggest support!  My mom told me that my nephew who she bought the tea for, just loves it!  When he comes to visit, we'll be sure to bring him to your shop!
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