Tea-of-the-Month Club

I was interviewed last week on our Tea-of-the Month program as part of a story on gifts that go beyond the moment.  Apparently, teas were still unusual among other better known categories such as Fruit-of-the Month and Wine.  This time of year, we receive a large number of orders for these, mostly all gifts and an occasional self-gift.  Here's how it works:
  • For 3, 6 or 12 months, you can select from one of six Plans - Varietal, Essential, Tranquil, Fruitful, Natural and Masterful.
  • Varietal = Black teas; Essential = Green, White & Oolong;  Tranquil = Decaf and Herbal; Fruitful = fruit-flavored teas;  Natural = Organic; Masterful = High End Teas.
  • The first month, the tea selection is shipped out along with a teapot with infuser and a canister.  Subsequent months provide a new tea selection for the length of the plan.
  • A gift message can be enclosed with the first month's subscription.
  • Custom plans are possible, sometimes at no charge.
  • Orders received by December 17, 2010 will most likely be received by Christmas.
  • An online special for 6-month plans is available right now.  3 month plans start at $46.  The most expensive is the 12-month Masterful at $198.
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