Appreciation from a wholesale customer

A couple of weeks ago we had a request for a very last-minute overnight tea shipment.  Lots of special instructions, had to be shipped via a certain carrier in a certain way.  Not a problem for us - we take these in stride and pride ourselves in being one of the very few vendors who still ships out orders on the same day if at all possible.  (This is no longer to be taken for granted as one of our ingredient suppliers informed us last week that we should allow 2-3 days lead time on every order!)  Imagine my happy surprise when I received this e-mail yesterday evening:
Hi Anupa!.......Didn't get a chance to say: "You're the best" for rushing that tea out to us so quickly.  It really helped us out and was greatly appreciated by all parties.  I wish all my vendors were "Anupized"!
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