Aiding and Abetting

A gentleman came into the Tea Room today dressed in a suit, ready to go to work.  This was 12 noon.  He ordered half a Tarry Chicken Sandwich and a pot of Silver Tips Earl Grey.  He opened his laptop and was deep into it.  He then ordered a pot of Ti Kwan Yin Oolong.  Today being Chinese New Year, we were featuring Oolongs so that was fitting.  After a while, having finished his Oolong, he ordered Ten Treasures - a house favorite, Green with Cherry and Passionfruit.  By this time, a fair amount of time has passed.  He suddenly announces to our staff - You know what, I'm not going to work today!  He then proceeded to order another pot of tea - this time Coconut Vanilla.  He thoroughly enjoyed it and left at 3 pm.  Just magnificent!
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