Three artists, one family

Our Tea Room carries artwork created by local artists.  Right now, we're exhibiting an unusual collection, "Relatively Speaking", a joint exhibit of artwork by Photographer mom Margaret Fox, Illustrator dad Tim Grajek and Multimedia print maker daughter Elena Grajek.  Margaret has been a photographer for many years and handled both corporate and individual projects and well known in our community. For additional information on Margaret, click here.  Tim Grajek has been an illustrator for thirty years.  For nine years, his work has appeared weekly in "The Washington Post" Sunday Business Section.  He has been a contributor to most major magazines and newspaper including Business Week, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Barons.  He is the illustrator of "Hoyle's Rules of Games", one of the most widely distributed books in the world.  His latest self-published picture book, "The First Dog" is a collaboration with writer Benjamin Cheever.  For more information, visit Tim's website.  Their daughter Elena Grajek has followed in their artistic footsteps and states that she works in the mediums of digital print and video and that in both, she employs collage techniques.