Kind words from a customer in Hawaii

thCAQQJMRKOn our website, we have a standard shipping rate - a flat $4 for items up to $20, $5 for $20 - $50 and so on.  Of course we don't cover our postage costs any longer but there is a market rate for shipping costs and no website worth its name would charge the full rate.  The minimum Priority Mail rate is now well over $5 so for all orders under $50, we inevitably lose some money.  Add to that Alaska and Hawaii which cost more regardless.  So a couple of weeks ago, we had a first-time customer order from Hawaii - a few Earl Grey teas of various kinds - one on a Darjeeling base, another on a Keemun with some Baroness Grey thrown in for good measure.  We filled her order and enclosed some samples, of course.  Imagine our pleasant surprise today when this came via e-mail:
Aloha, I received my package last week and I want to report that I LOVE the tea.  Also, your quick service and fair postage was appreciated.  Thank you very much.
Well, Eliza, we thank you - not everyone takes the time to let us know and it is appreciated!  
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