Survey Comments

thATFWQCRGWe have about 50 completed Surveys in so far - we are expecting several hundred more.  Here are some early findings from the Suggestions/Comments section:
  • Lemon Cake more often please!
  • Music - perhaps more classical, smooth jazz, soft contemporary.
  • Chocolate chip scones and plain scones should be available throughout the year.
  • Gluten free and dairy free options please!
  • Water to every customer and refills.  (Actually we stopped this deliberately to be a good citizen and conserve water but when served, we can definitely ensure they are refilled)
  • Do more activities educating public about tea
  • Do a special of the week.
Great comments - keep them coming.  Once all the surveys are in, we will be going through them question by question but for now, please make your voice heard.  Surveys are at the Tea Room for at least 2 more weeks.  
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