Comments from an Appreciative Customer

Abby CateringLast weekend we catered a birthday party for a customer who lives in California.  Her mother lives locally and they wanted to have a grand old 93rd birthday bash for her.  We handled all the arrangements via e-mail and with many attachments, suggestions, pictures and fine-tuning.  Finally, we agreed on the details - Tea Sandwiches, Scones with Cream & Preserves and Assorted Mini Desserts including Petit Fours.  After the day was over, I followed up to see how all the arrangements had worked out.  Here is her response as well as the picture she sent of her lovely table:
I was sorry not to have the chance to meet you but your team took great care of us!  As for the party, the food was really great... I had lots of people ask where we had catered from and I shared the information.  The platters were perfect...We had one guest who had previously been a caterer and she said that the scones were the best she had ever had.  I am sorry I don't live closer to be able to come for tea at your place since it looked lovely there too!   I cannot thank you enough and I could not have done this without you.  You were gracious and responsive and patient and flexible and I'm forever grateful.   Again, Anupa, you were the perfect partner for this and made it the special day that it was.  All the best and with enormous gratitude..
You are welcome, Abby and we're glad it all worked out well and thanks for the kind words.
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