We Love Customer Feedback!


At least once a year, we survey our Tea Room customers for their opinion.  We ask them all kinds of things - do they have a Loyalty Card, do they know we cater, how often do they visit, do they know we have a website?  Some of the answers are what we expected but some were eye-openers and help us make changes. Here are the highlights from our most recent survey:
  •  15% of our customers visit us once a week.  About 40% visit us once a month.
  • Nearly 70% come for Lunch while 30% come for a Scone or Dessert.  Just about everyone orders a pot of Tea.
  • We were delighted to know that 65% of our respondents already carried our Loyalty Card.
  • Although a significant number knew we had a website, our other online presence was less familiar - Facebook, Blog.
  • 20% said they had no interest in our online presence - which is fine with us - we love seeing you in person!
  • Not too many customers knew about our Catering, Private Party opportunities or Small Group Tea Tastings.
  • We got high marks for cleanliness and quality of service.
  • 90% of our Customers said they would have no hesitation in recommending us to others.
We love hearing from you whether through our Survey, our Comment Cards which are always at the Tea Room, in person or via e-mail.