Tea Quiz Results - Answers to Questions

 Feb 04, 2015 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Thanks to everyone who played along!  We had close to 150 submissions and about a dozen who got all the answers correct.  We randomly selected three winners from among them - Susan, Lee and Evan - and notified them today.  Here are the results of the Quiz: What is the difference between black and green tea:   ANSWER:  Black is fully oxidized or fermented. Green is not oxidized or fermented at all. 34% correctly answered this. All tea has caffeine:   ANSWER:  True.  We had already established that by Tea, we mean real tea - black, green, oolong, white.  Some of you explained your answers and commented that if we meant herbal tea, there was no caffeine and we accepted all those answers as True. 37% correctly answered this. Arrange the following in terms of caffeine, highest to lowest, Green tea, Herbal tea, Black tea, Oolong:   ANSWER:  Black, Oolong, Green, Herbal. 74% correctly answered this. All tea is grown without pesticides:   ANSWER:  False.  Only Organic teas are grown without pesticides. 94% correctly answered this. Oolongs can be oxidized to different degrees. Those that are lightly oxidized are ________ in color. (write the color): ANSWER:  Green. 50% correctly answered this.  Answers included Green, Golden, Yellow, White, Brown, Vibrant Green and Orange. All tea should be steeped in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes:   ANSWER:  False.  Greens and Oolongs, in particular, are best at 2 minutes or shorter. 84% correctly answered this. We offered a choice of 4 teas in case you won - Citrus Spice, Genmaicha Japan Green, Kenilworth Ceylon Black & non-caffeinated Key West:
  • An overwhelming 49% selected Kenilworth Ceylon Black as their tea of choice.
  • 23% selected Genmaicha Japan Green.
  • 18% selected Citrus Spice as their selection.
  • 10% selected Key West.
We are so pleased to see the varietals winning out over the flavored teas.  There is nothing to beat tea in its original form, without flavors or flowers. Thanks for your enthusiastic response to our Quiz.  We're tasting new teas this month and we will be asking for you to name them or perhaps select which ones we should add to our Tea List.  

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