Tea Quiz Results - Comments

At the end of our Tea Quiz, we asked for your Comments and if you enjoyed the Quiz.  Responses were varied and fun:
  • Yes!  Great idea!
  • Yes, learned a few things.
  • Yes, thank you.  I also enjoy the Silver Tips Tea Room, the range of loose teas that you offer, Afternoon Tea and your Egg Souchong sandwiches.  These have become a ritual accompaniment each summer when a group of us go to Boscobel for the Shakespeare theater.  Please don't stop making them!
  • Well composed quiz.
  • Sure, now I know how much I don't know.
  • Definitely fun (& generous).
  • Yes, not easy but fun.
  • Yes, quite challenging.
  • Yes, this was a lot of fun.  I hope you let us see the correct answers.
  • Yes, Please be sure I am on the list for the newsletter.
  • Cool Quiz.
  • Yes, and I enjoy visiting your tea house occasionally while visiting my sister.
  • A fun way to review information about tea!
  • Yes, it was enjoyable.  Wish it was a bit longer.  Thanks for your selection of fine teas!
  • Loved it but fear I know little!
  • It was fun, hard to pick which tea to possibly win!
  • Yes, this has been fun & a good mental break!
  • Yes, but I think I got them all wrong!
  • Yes, I like to test my tea knowledge.
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