Makaibari Green Fans

One of our favorite wholesale customers from Illinois orders 5 lbs. of Makaibari Darjeeling Long Leaf Green along with other teas that are usually ordered in 2 lb. lots.  We found out recently that it is for her husband who loves it and cannot do without it and hoards it when it gets low.  If I happen to see her order before it gets shipped, I send some of the Green on the house because I know it's for her husband!  We heard from her today:
I was looking over the invoice before I filed it, and I noticed you sent 5 lbs of Makaibari Long Leaf, but only charged me for 2 lbs. Thank you so much. I haven't told Bill yet - but when you do this, he acts like he won the lottery... That is so nice of you. I really appreciate it - and I do all I can to promote Makaibari.  Have a great day - and thanks again.
You are welcome!  We appreciate your business and friendship and we want to keep Bill happy!
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