Tea - a diabetes-smart substitution

 May 14, 2015 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

The New York Times reported in this week's Nutrition section that a recent study in Diabetologia indicated that substituting just one serving a day of water or unsweetened tea or coffee for a serving of a soft drink or dairy beverage sweetened by sugar, can significantly reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Over 25,000 British men and women ages 40 - 79 were studied.  Beverages tracked were soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juice and sweetened milk drinks like hot chocolate and milk shakes. They found that each additional 5% of total calories from sweetened drinks raised the risk of diabetes by 18%.  Senior author, Dr. Nita G. Forouhi of the University of Cambridge said, "...here we have some solutions for what good replacement drinks are:  water and unsweetened tea and coffee".  One word of caution - tea here means Black, Green, Oolong, White.  It does not include chamomile, peppermint, lemongrass or other herbs. Hear, hear.

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