Millennials Driving Tea Growth

The U.S. tea market has grown 15 times its size since 2009.  In 2014, it was worth $10.8 billion. This according to the Tea Association of the USA.  What's driving this?  Here are highlights:

Loose-leaf tea is seen as a specialty product and a hydration alternative.
Ready-to-drink tea has seen increased success on supermarket shelves.
Millennial interest is due, in large part, to their easier access to Tea.
Millenials have grown up drinking tea, as preteens.
They also like engagement with a product.  Tea fits in well with this - there's a lot of detail around each Tea - origin, how it's grown, whether it is natural.....
It suits everyone and not specific to any one group.  It crosses diet, age, income or religion.
It has no sodium, no fat, no carbonation, is sugar-free, calorie-free and provides hydration.
The numerous health benefits are covered daily in specialty as well as mass media.

Here's a fun fact about Americans aged 18-29 surveyed about Coffee and Tea:

18% drink coffee
27% drink tea
39% drink both
17% don't drink either

And here's another interesting little item:  42% of people surveyed are trying to limit their coffee intake vs. only 25% that are trying to limit tea.  


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