And The Survey Results Are....

And The Survey Results Are....

Not only do we want to know if our promotions work for you, we love reading your comments and getting your input. We surveyed you at the end of August to review our offers and promotions. And as before, you didn't disappoint! We received numerous submissions and they will help us to fine-tune our future offers.

The first question was: "We've offered various types of promotions. Rank your top 3 with the 1st choice being your most preferred promotion".  Although we will continue to offer a variety of promotions, we will more prominently feature your top ranked suggestions below:

With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to touch base to see what you would like to order and gift during the busy holiday season. Although it is tempting to offer a variety of Teaware including teapots, cups, mugs, gift boxes and holiday-themed items, it is clear from your entries that Loose Leaf Tea is what you consistently prefer and order:

No matter how much Green teas and Herbal and Wellness blends are hyped in the media, Black Teas continue to be your overwhelming favorite Tea:

 And here are your comments which make us smile and make our day!

We are very aware of the amount of e-mail that lands in your inbox daily and how annoying it can be to repeatedly receive material that's not useful for you.  So we were heartened to know that the frequency of our newsletters to you hits the sweet spot. A clear majority thinks what we send out is the right amount!

Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we're doing.  And for those who have not yet used the Discount Coupon we sent you as a thank you for filling out the survey, remember it's valid through the end of this year.

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