Finding Love at Silver Tips

Two months ago, we received an intriguing e-mail.  One of our customers explained to us that on November 4, 2014, he had his first date with his girlfriend at our 'beautiful tea room'. Now, two years later, he was ready to ask her to be his wife and would we consider allowing him to propose at our Tea Room!

He had selected Friday, December 23rd as his special day.  We went back and forth about what he wanted to do and it turned out that he was planning to sit at the same table and surprise her.  He added that he would have a few friends come early, set up some candles and flower petals and when she walked in, he would ask her formally.

How could we say no?  So, we're happy to report that Alex got his wish, his girlfriend said Yes and there is apparently more than Tea at Silver Tips.  There is Love! Valentine's Day is a month away - come visit - perhaps Alex's experience can be yours!

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