Pennsylvania Tea Festival

Pennsylvania Tea Festival

The Second PA Tea Festival - September 28th & 29th!

This year the Pennsylvania Tea Festival will be held in the herb gardens of the Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in charming downtown Mechanicsburg, PA, on September 28th -29th. Sitting within the fragrant herb garden of the Rosemary House, the venue is sure to be not only unique, but also relaxing.

The festival will feature live music, lectures, tea tastings, and over 20 vendors selling all things tea - from packaged tea, tea ware, tea flavored ice cream, clothing, and hand crafted gifts, just to name a few.

On Saturday morning, I will be the keynote speaker, educating consumers on "Steeping the Perfect Cup of Tea". The lecture will cover all the basics, from selecting the proper temperature of the water to choosing the amount of leaf and steeping time for the tea you are brewing. Whether it's black, green, oolong, or herbal, you can achieve that perfect, flavorful cup.  Adequate time will be reserved for a Question and Answer session, often the most fun part of the talk.

Later that day, we share our expertise with a tea tasting, "Around the World with Tea". The tasting will include various teas from many different regions around the world, from China, Japan, India and beyond. It will be one not to miss. We will be bringing samples and giveaways for all attendees - be sure to register for these events!

You can learn more about the PA Tea Festival, including a detailed updated schedule of events, vendors, sponsors, and tickets at


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