Pennsylvania Tea Festival

The Second PA Tea Festival - September 28th & 29th!

This year the Pennsylvania Tea Festival will be held in the herb gardens of the Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in charming downtown Mechanicsburg, PA, on September 28th -29th. Sitting within the fragrant herb garden of the Rosemary House, the venue is sure to be not only unique, but also relaxing.

The festival will feature live music, lectures, tea tastings, and over 20 vendors selling all things tea - from packaged tea, tea ware, tea flavored ice cream, clothing, and hand crafted gifts, just to name a few.

On Saturday morning, I will be the keynote speaker, educating consumers on "Steeping the Perfect Cup of...


 Sep 25, 2018  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

The Woman's Club of White Plains

Winter Afternoon Tea Event - The Women's Club of White Plains

I was privileged to speak at the Winter Afternoon Tea event of The Woman's Club of White Plains this past weekend.  This is an esteemed group of professional, accomplished, philanthropic-minded women who help a great many people.  I was asked to say a few words about Tea.  At the planning stages, it was thought about 50 members would attend but it turned out to be their highest-attended event with over 100 present.  

The Woman's Club is housed in the elegant C.V. Rich Mansion which the Club owns. The Winter Tea was...


 Feb 01, 2018  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Twelve Days of Savings!

The Holiday Fun continues with the arrival of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion. Each day from December 7th to December 18th we will be offering a different item for Sale. These items range from Gift Boxes to Tea-of-the-Month plans to entire collections of Tea.

Here's how it works. Starting at midnight each day, a different product is discounted and we will continue this for 12 days. In keeping with the spirit of giving gifts, we won't be telling you ahead of time what the offers will be: you'll have to check in every day to see what surprise we have in store...


 Dec 07, 2017  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We're Ready for the Holidays - Are You?

Though other stores think the Holidays begin the day after Labor Day, we contain our excitement until Cyber Monday (it isn't easy, but we manage!). That's when we kicked off the Holiday season with a 20% off coupon that applied to ALL Teas site-wide, and that's only the beginning. We have a lot more in store for you this December.

To accommodate both our regular, repeat customers as well as newcomers, we picked our favorite ideas from the many we brainstormed.  Our Holiday Checklist page has them all:

 Nov 30, 2017  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Tea Tasting at the Warner Library

We had a grand turnout on Monday evening despite the continuing rain and drizzle. Attendees included adults and children, men and woman, regular customers and new friends.  Our hosts at the Library, particularly Cassandra Troini, were gracious and accommodating and helped us get organized. We featured four Teas:

Da Hong Pao Oolong
Mint Jasmine
Turmeric Citrus Zest
Peach Fairies

After providing a brief background on both Silver Tips and the manufacture and origin of Tea, we began our sampling.  I mentioned to the audience that I had specifically selected teas that were not the usual Breakfast, Earl...


 May 24, 2017  |  Written by Anupa Mueller


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