Customer Resolutions We Love!

We launched a Tea Resolution Challenge at the beginning of the year.  We asked you to make your resolutions, select one and tell us how Tea can help you achieve it.  The responses are hopeful, unusual and inspirational. We are sharing some with you and will continue to do so as more pour in.  Perhaps they will motivate you to stay with your Resolutions and if you haven't done so already - take our Challenge.  We will even give you 10% off your next order just for doing so.

Keep calm and centered - #JoinTheTeaResolution submissions

Lose Weight in a Healthy Way - #JoinTheTeaResolution submissions

Read more Books - #JoinTheTeaResolution submissions

Practice Animal Reiki - #JoinTheTeaResolution submissions

There's more to come! If you want to see yours, make sure you #JoinTheTeaResolution by filling out the form!

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