Allergens in Tea

Chances are, if you drink Black, Green, Oolong or White Tea on a daily basis, you've never experienced an adverse reaction.  I'm talking about regular, straight tea in its finest, purest form - nothing added.  Sometimes, we refer to these as Varietals.  But Tea has evolved.  We flavor them, add flowers to it, blend it with fruits, mix it with spices, enhance it...


 18 Jan, 2017  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A Guide to Steeping Loose Leaf Tea

Over the years, we've heard just about every comment about steeping loose leaf Tea:

  • I hate Green tea - it's just too bitter!
  • Mine never comes out like yours!
  • When I make it at home, it's always too watery.
  • I can't taste anything!
  • I just stick to English Breakfast - it comes out perfect!
  • What am I doing wrong?!

    Yes, we understand your frustration. So let me share the 3 secrets to making the perfect cup every...


     17 Dec, 2016  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

    A customer visits Makaibari

    One of our good friends recently visited Makaibari and sent us these beautiful pictures.  He went with a videographer and they availed of the Homestay programme at Makaibari which allows visitors to stay with a worker's family and see how life is lived at the grass roots level at a tea estate.

    Fresh 1st Flush Leaf

     They follow their routines, work on the plantation with them and share their meals.  It is an authentic experience.


     20 Jun, 2015  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

    Tasting Tea

    tea tasting trayPeople generally know what they love even though they cannot describe it.  Our job, as tea professionals, is to provide language to convey the complexities and nuances of tea. Even though all Assams are robust, they are not all malty.  Even though Darjeelings are mild, they are not all astringent.  When we taste teas professionally, we look at the distinct characteristics of the dry leaf, the look and aroma of the infused leaf, the appearance of the liquor and finally the taste. Here are some of the more interesting descriptions associated with tea:
    • Self-drinking:  A tea with sufficient good characteristics such as body, flavor, color and aroma that it can be enjoyed without blending it with other teas.
    • Thick:  A richly colored infusion.
    • Winey:  A desirable quality in some teas, particularly Darjeeling.
    • Toasty:  A desirable...


     07 Dec, 2014  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

    All Tea is Not Created Equal - Loose Leaf vs. Teabags

    [caption id="attachment_4546" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The Many Grades of Tea The Many Grades of Tea[/caption] A cup of tea from a teabag is just not as good as Whole Leaf tea steeped in its pure loose leaf form.   There are only two advantages to teabags – Speed & Convenience.  It’s easy as 1-2-3 and takes no time at all.  But for a great cup of tea with character and complexity and all the nuances of taste – malty, floral, astringent, smoky, nutty, earthy, rich, woodsy, pungent, fragrant – you need Whole Leaf.  No one argues about the quality of Coffee anymore.  Think about Tea the way you do Coffee.  There’s Instant, then there’s the supermarket brand and finally, there’s Fresh Ground.   Sure, a no-frills cup of coffee is sometimes all you can get but a cup of fresh ground Sumatra or Guatemala is a cup...


     16 Oct, 2014  |  Written by Anupa Mueller


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