China Teas for Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year - The China Collection

Ring the Bells - it's Chinese New Year and the start of a Year of the Rooster.  To celebrate it, we're bringing out the best of our China Teas. The cup of kings and emperors, dynasties and kingdoms, China's teas span the entire range of leaf and style. They are fragrant, toasty, mellow, astringent, smokey or robust.  There's one for every mood and every occasion.  We offer you five days of celebration - each day a new tea and each day an opportunity to receive a FREE bonus tea.

Silver Tips Tea Online loose leaf tea China White Tea Collection

We begin with White Tea.  Known for its...


 27 Jan, 2017  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

In Praise of Organic Green Dew Tea

 17 Jan, 2017  |  Written by Dina Dunnings

A Guide to Steeping Loose Leaf Tea

Over the years, we've heard just about every comment about steeping loose leaf Tea:

  • I hate Green tea - it's just too bitter!
  • Mine never comes out like yours!
  • When I make it at home, it's always too watery.
  • I can't taste anything!
  • I just stick to English Breakfast - it comes out perfect!
  • What am I doing wrong?!

    Yes, we understand your frustration. So let me share the 3 secrets to making the perfect cup every...


     17 Dec, 2016  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

    How Americans Drink Tea

    The Tea Council of the USA recently commissioned a survey on some new insights into America's tea drinking habits.  Here are the highlights:

    Topping it off:
         Sugar:  46% of the time
         Honey:  40% of the time
         Milk:  26% of the time

    Battle of the Sexes:
         Although 73% of Americans think tea is consumed by more women, it turns out the split is more equitably shared - 85% of women reported they drank tea compared to 79% of men.

    Not your Grandmother's Tea any more:
         83% of Millennials drink tea and 82% of older generations drink tea! About the same!

    Black Tea or Green Tea?
         8 in 10 tea drinkers drink black tea.  Americans reported they would choose black tea over other types of teas for all kinds of occasions:  42% when they're tired, 34% when they're thirsty, 28% when they're stressed and 20% when...


     12 Jan, 2016  |  Written by Anupa Mueller

    Green Tea - Tea Council Research Results

    iced green tea

    Green Tea - The Beverage of Champions. June is National Iced Tea Month and in their effort to promote it, The Tea Council of the USA recently commissioned a survey of 1000 Americans, results of which were just published. We will bring you the many significant results over the next few weeks, highlighting one item at a time.  Today we're starting with Green Tea and the survey refers to it as The Beverage of Champions. Americans who drink green tea report a greater quality of life than non-green tea drinkers - see if you recognize yourself below:

    • Being more likely to feel happy almost all the time (77% vs. 71%)
    • Be completely satisfied with their lives (70% vs. 61%)
    • More likely to describe themselves as confident (55% vs. 47%)
    • More creative (57% vs. 43%)
    • More adventurous (37%...


     04 Jun, 2015  |  Written by Anupa Mueller


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