Tea - A cure for a hundred ills

Tea - A cure for a hundred ills

According to recent studies, "true" teas like Black, Green, White, and Oolong, may provide a number of unique wellness benefits for humans, including:

  1. Fighting inflammation.
  2. Helping to protect against some cancers.
  3. Promoting heart health, including cholesterol.
  4. Improving attention, alertness, memory, and anxiety levels.
  5. Promoting bone mineral density.
  6. Boosting overall quality of life!

And, of course, it tastes great! Tea suits every mood and the wide diversity in varieties can fit any time of day or need. From a robust Black Tea for a pick-me-up any time of the day to energizing Greens to fragrant and fruity flavored teas - you are sure to find one you enjoy. Read more in this recent article, highlighting the many benefits of Tea.

 As we often say - Tea Cures All! Our only caveat would be, choose loose leaf tea - you will get more taste and health benefits from it compared to a teabag. 

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