Is Silver Tea Green Tea?

This is what customers are searching for on our site as well as on Google. Excellent question!  First, the color of the dry leaf is not always a good indication of what type of tea it is.  Second, silver-hued tea could be Green or it could be White.  And finally, some green teas even have 'white' in their names.  Take our White Monkey below:


White Blossom Green, aka White Monkey

This tea is a Green tea and sometimes called White Blossom Green.  No wonder customers are asking - is Silver tea a Green tea?  Sure looks like it, doesn't it?  But it isn't.  This is a classic Green tea, manufactured with a preponderance of buds in the leaf thus giving it a white-tipped look. Green teas are not oxidized - this is their only requirement.  The look of the leaf or the color of the cup is not the driver.

Silver Needle or Yin Zhen, on the other hand is a White Tea, with only the opening buds and classified under White.  Other teas in this category are Shou Mei and Pai Mu Tan/Bai Mu Dan or White Peony.

White Peony

So, enjoy them both and when in doubt, just ask!