Rare Amphibian found at Makaibari

Here's strange and wondrous news. Apparently, a professor dedicated to the mysteries of a strange type of amphibian called "caecilians" was in Makaibari earlier this year. He was looking for a specific type of 'caecilian' indigenous to the Darjeeling/Sikkim area. The monsoons had not quite begun and he left without seeing any. After his departure, the rains came and lo and behold, these rare amphibians were spotted at Makaibari! As Rajah Banerjee, owner of Makaibari, said, "They were popping up everywhere".

They resemble earthworms and are amphibians without limbs. They stay underground and are, therfore, hard to find and difficult to study. Their reproduce in the most unusual of ways and best left for the Discovery channel. The world's media has descended on Makaibari and this little story has now been covered on all the...


 Jul 30, 2008  |  Written by Anupa Mueller


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