Toasted Almond - a Bestseller

A year ago, right before the busy holiday season, we ran out of Toasted Almond. We never heard the end of it.  We haven't made that mistake again.  We bring it in 50 - 100 lbs. at a time now. What is this product in such high demand? A Fruit Tisane, which is a fancy name for blends with fruits and edible plants and flowers. But unlike most fruit tisanes which are tart & steep a dark pink/red because of the hibiscus in the blend, this is a blend that reminds you of a warm Cinnabon. It is holiday and hearth rolled into one. It takes you home, it makes you want to curl up with a good book in front of the fire. The ingredients are simple - apple, almonds, cinnamon and a little beetroot for color. And since there's no tea in it, it contains no caffeine.

We have intense, dedicated fans of Toasted Almond.  Not just consumers but coffee and tea shops. Birch Coffee in Manhattan with all its locations, is probably our biggest promoter and we routinely get e-mails and phone calls from their customers asking where they could get some for themselves. Here's a typical e-mail:

"I am in love with the toasted almond tea!  I'm curious how much it would be to just order a bag for myself?  I'm from Oregon and will be going home soon.  I'd love to bring my favorite NYC tea back home to have my family try it.."

Try it, but be warned - it is addictive.

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