Black Tea (Varietal/Non-Flavored)

Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon, English Breakfast – all these are Black Teas, the most commonly known tea throughout the world.  But each is different!  Darjeeling, the “champagne of tea” is as different from Assam as Chardonnay is from Chablis.  Although they all begin as fresh green leaf, black teas get their dark color through a specific tea manufacturing process.  For more on this, read our section on Tea Basics.  You can browse by origin or name or type - just use the filters provided. For ease of navigation, we have arranged them alphabetically.  Additionally, well-known blends such as English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast are grouped under Popular Blends.

    • Nilgiri Frost - Varietal Black Tea with a beautiful leaf - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Nilgiri Frost

      Nilgiri Frost teas are produced only at the highest elevations at the peak of the "Quality Season", immediately after the very coldest nights of winter. They are specially plucked and carefully manufactured in limited quantities. This one is a long, beautifully shaped leaf with a liquor milder than the regular...

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    • Tiger Hill Estate OP - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Tiger Hill Estate OP

      A very prestigious garden in the Nilgiris. A self-drinking tea. Not as strong as an Assam, stronger than Darjeelings. Good with or without milk. Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup. Pour boiling water over leaves. Steep 4-5 mins. Milk may be added.

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