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Although they all begin as a fresh green leaf, black teas get their dark color through a specific tea manufacturing process. As they’re exposed to moist, oxygen-rich air, the tea leaves become oxidized, resulting in brownish-black leaves and a rich, complex flavor. Browse flavored black teas here, where we’ve added botanicals, spices, and flavors for a supplementary layer of aroma and taste.

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Our Black Tea Flavors

Many of our premium black teas originate in India and are enhanced with a variety of botanicals, flavors, and spices. Explore sweet and delectable accents like coconut, berry, and honey. We even sell spiced options and decaffeinated blends you can enjoy any time of day. Whatever your preferences, we can fulfill your desires.

For popular flavored black teas, see our extensive collection of Earl Grey and spiced Chai blends. We also offer a wide selection of unflavored black teas. With so many varieties, Silver Tips Tea is a black tea lover's paradise!

Premium Black Teas

Silver Tips Tea stands behind the quality and flavor of any loose leaf variety you find in our collections. We harvest fresh, seasonal teas from all over the world to curate a selection of the best options from premium sources. Many of our teas even come from the legendary Makaibari Tea Estate, where tea is biodynamically grown in its original, sub-tropical, wildcrafted environment to ensure more nuanced leaves and flavors.

Learn more about our story and the Makaibari Estate for a more thorough understanding of our meticulous tea growing and crafting process.