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Our Herbal Tisane Selection

Developed from a melange of wonderful florals, spices, and fruit pieces, our tisanes offer delightful aromas and unique characteristics. Explore apple and cinnamon, wolfberry melon, and toasted almond blends that are aromatic, original, and all-natural.

Many of our fruit tisane teas have a distinct red hue once you steep them, as well as a slight tartness due to the presence of hibiscus. Our tisanes are naturally caffeine-free, and we recommend you drink them without milk.

Learn More About Teas

At Silver Tips Tea, we love all things brewed, steeped, and infused. Whether you’re strictly a Rooibos drinker or you love to sample teas from all sorts of sources, we can help you learn more about the best brewing styles, water temperature recommendations, and so much more.

Explore our basics of tea education page, as well as our blog to discover more ways for tea to enhance your life!

Have more questions about herbal tisanes or our other tea options? We’re here to help. Reach out to us with your concerns.