Accessories & Tea Gifts

After trying many different styles and makes of Teapots, Infusers, Strainers, Filters and Timers, we've narrowed them down to these selections. We use these ourselves, at home and at the office. They work. They're easy to use and clean.
Anyone can make a perfect cup of tea. Every time. Without any hassle. All you need is the right teaware. Just select some of our essential Tea Accessories and Gifts. It makes every cup a perfect cup.

    • Fine mesh brew basket to steep any tea perfectly. Dishwasher safe.
    • Brew Basket

      This is the infuser basket we recommend. The mesh is fine enough to be suitable for all leaf sizes and the lid serves double duty as a coaster. Each comes individually boxed. Easy to clean, lasts a lifetime!  Dishwasher safe. Height: Approx.2.75" Top Diameter: Just under 3" Bottom Diameter: 1.75"

      $ 6.00
    • Disposable Filters - Silver Tips Tea's Accessories
    • Disposable Filters

      Disposable Paper Filters to make your own "tea bags" at home or when you're on the go. 100 per box.

      $ 6.00
    • Infuser Basket - Open Mesh

      Use this infuser basket in your favorite mug or teapot - at home or in the office. Great for travel. 2" deep (height)Inside Opening 2.5" in diameterFrom edge to edge including infuser rims - 4.75"  

      $ 5.00


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