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Organic Keemun

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The classic China breakfast black - slight smokey undertones. Organic.


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Hooked again on loose leaf tea

I'm a little out of practice with loose leaf tasting, getting back into it.

First, I noticed the smell of the dry leaves. I did not note any chemical smells, but the aroma wasn't strong. The liquor was not strong to my unpracticed sense of smell either, it was a pretty pale reddish brown,; I was suspicious that it wasn't going to be strong or robust enough. The smell of the liquor was of course stronger than the dry leaves, but I would need help to describe it accurately- descriptions online will tell you smokey and floral, and that seems right. I drank it black. I was struck by how smooth it went down. I would not describe it as "robust" but it certainly had enough flavor. I would think that if you're used to something stronger, then maybe enjoy this late morning or early afternoon.

Hours later, I still felt more alert, more focused, and calmer than my usual self.

That is a very helpful and accurate review - highlights of this tea are mellow, smooth, no astringency and just enough caffeine to give you a boost. And you are quite right, dry leaf aroma is no indicator for varietals - it is the infused leaf that carries any characteristic aroma associated with that particular tea.

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 4-5 mins. Milk may be added.