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Chinese black tea with a hint of lychee fruit and a mild smoky note in the taste. Also known as Fruity Russian Caravan.

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Kathy V.
great winter sipping

I wouldn't have thought to try this had I not received a sample, but now I am so glad to have found a great winter morning tea while I sit at my desk. The lychee and slightest smokiness are beautiful and I look forward to ordering more.

This is one our sleeper hits. It has its fans but we thought it deserved more credit. Glad the sample did the trick! Sometimes known as Fruity Russian Caravan and now you know why.

Our House Tea

We've been drinking this tea for about 5 years now. I don't usually care for flavored blends, but this one is unusual. Yes, it is a bit fruity, but the lychee seems to combine naturally with the tea leaf and produces a distinctive taste. I've served it to guests and gotten positive feedback. Worth a try.

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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tsp. of leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Pour boiling water over leaves.
Steep 4 mins.
Milk may be added.