Moonflower Oolong

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The elegance of Oolong blended with the fragrance of Jasmine - this is one of our house favorites.  Oolong is not quite Black tea and not quite Green tea.  It's in the middle, a medium-body cup, sometimes called The Philosopher's Drink.  We blended a lightly oxidized Organic Oolong with Organic Jasmine and the result is an aromatic, fragrant, uplifting cup.  Make this your daily Meditation.


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Steeping Instructions

Use 1 tsp. leaf per 8 oz. cup.
Let boiling water cool slightly before pouring over leaves.
Steep 2 mins.
May be re-infused.

Tea Education

A house blend we love! It combines two of our favorite recommendations - Oolong and Jasmine. It has a subtle Jasmine fragrance and the cup tastes better as it cools with a natural sweetness in each sip. The blend has more Oolong than Jasmine so there is no bitterness in the taste. The Jasmine is scented at origin on a Green tea base. Multiple infusions are encouraged. Add 20 seconds to each subsequent infusion - a great value for your purchase!