Popular Tea Blends

Is there anyone who has not heard of English Breakfast?   We've blended our own House Specials to suit every mood.  Breakfast Blends are the strongest and may be enjoyed with milk and sugar, to your taste.  Medium-body blends such as Afternoon Delight and Sunset are lighter than full-bodied teas such as Silk Road or Celtic Cup.  Almost all can tolerate milk except for Twilight or Remembrance.  But don't go by what we say…..enjoy these at your convenience, any time of the day!

To learn more about Breakfast Tea Blends, the difference between them as well as the history behind them, Click Here.

    • Summertime Black - Black Tea Blend for Iced Tea - Silver Tips Tea's Loose Leaf Tea
    • Summertime Black

      Keep cool this Summer with our specially-blended Iced Tea base.  We call it Summertime Black and it produces a perfect pitcher of Iced Tea every time.  High-Grown Nilgiri broken leaf tea gives you the ideal strength for Iced Tea - non-cloudy, quick to color, not overpowering in its taste.  Add...

      $ 10.00
    • Afternoon Delight, Org/ FT - Silver Tips Tea's Organic Loose Leaf Tea
    • Afternoon Delight, Organic

      A blend of Indian Organic black teas, mellow and naturally floral - good with just a drop of milk. A smooth, mild cup with Organic Darjeeling & Nilgiri teas - just the right strength. Not too strong. While away your afternoon! To learn more about Breakfast Tea Blends - the...

      $ 12.42


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